Secrets of a Queen

by Rifat Shama and Abed Aker

While Queen Rania shows herself as a glamorous Queen, who is civilized and even democratic, but the rumors in Jordan whisper that there is a dark side to Rania’s life, that is least publicized.
We were able to pentrate Rania’s secret life in a manner that sheds the light of her darkest secrets.
One thing we could confirm though, Rania, the Palestinian Queen, is living a life on the fast lane that is very much Hollywood, and Hollywood indeed, with all that comes with that…..
The curiosity about Rania began when we started researching the misrable living conditions of women in her country.
Especially Palestinian women. Needless to say, the Palestinians make more than 80% of Jordan;s popluation and as we found out, women in Jordan live very misrable lives and suffer, for example: Jordanian women married to non-Jordanian men cannot even pass their citizenships to their children, and as a result 350,000 children in Jordan are stateless, without the right of residency, living as illegal aliens in their mothers‘ country, despite being born there, this of course does not appear any where in the media covering Rania as the new Princess Diana…

Our research of Jordans women rights brought us an unexpected outcome, first we were curious on about the Queen’s personal life, how could a Palestinian-Jordanian commoner not care for her people once she became Queen and in fact the strongest woman in the country?
And so we ended with serendipity, we discovered much more than what we bargained for
What started as a research fueled by curiosity about the World’s only Palestinian royal ended up as a streak of luck and a fountain of information. We eventually managed to reach a former senior employee at the Jordanian establishment, and when we say the establishment, that could mean anything, could have been the Jordanian government, could have been the king’s office, the king’s palace, the king’s royal court, or even one of the kings unannounced vast companies scattered around the world, but let’s just say that the person who agreed to speak to us is someone who used to deal with both the king and the queen for years and on a daily basis.
The first sign we got was from Google, searching the Queen on Google images yields some very interesting issues, for example, one of the search suggestions is Queen Rania and Bono. Following the lead, we saw a countless number of photos of Rania with Bono, the U2 lead singer, and the famous Irish philanthropist….

Searching the images, this is one of the results you will find:

Queen Rania of Jordan and Bono

Underneath the Flicker’s image, you read: Queen Rania of Jordan and Bono
in 2008, Bono and his band U2, attended the 14th Festival of World Sacred Music in Fes, and funny enough, we found out that they stayed at the same riad as we did for three weeks, recording a few tracks. And if that’s not enough, Bono’s most famous „groupie“, Queen Rania of Jordan, attended some practices as well. The owners were so proud, that’s the first thing they mentioned when we arrived there.

„We did some recording in Morocco last year. All the band went to an amazing religious music festival in Fez with some incredible Sufi singers. It was a real humbling thing for a punk rock shouter, listening to these people who just close their eyes for 40 minutes and sing the most sophisticated melodies.“

„We got this little riad, a small hotel with a courtyard in the middle and set up the band there, with a square of sky over our head. The two great catalysts of U2’s recording life, Brian Eno and Daniel Lanois, joined us. We’d record during the day and then disappear into windy streets of the medina at night. It was an inspiring experience and a drummer’s paradise.“

This pops a few question, how could an Arab Muslim Queen attend parts of an Irish singer’s video production alone without her husband, we could have understood that if she was single, but even if she was the wife of the King of Sweden, it still is kind of strange, also, the image shows the hotel owner exhbiting photos of the only two famous people who have ever been to his hotel, and those are only Rania and Bono, what considence that they were there at the same time? What was the Queen doing in a hotel alone without her husband, where Bono was? Why wasn’t the visit announced in the media? And why in Fez, Morocco? Queen and wives of heads of state do not regulalry attend parts of the prduction of a music video of a not the most known singer on earth?
The photo above could have been not so interesting to us, was it not for the other photos we found:

Bono and Queen Rania of Jordan walk together along the harbor after having lunch on his yacht Read Less
content ©2014 W.E.N.N. All Rights Reserved.

So, is it regular for a Queen of an Arab Muslim country, and the Queen of the Palestinians of all people, to go have a lunch solo with a Western non-Muslim singer, in his yacht? Princess Diana of Wales was being chased by the global media for much less actions, in fact the simplest of action, obviously not for Rania who seems to have strong connections with the global media, and who appears on shows like Oprah while she claims to solve the world’s problem for children and women. As we found out, Rania has much more trouble at her home country and inside her home that she should deal with.
Zooming through the google images available for Rania and Bono you would find even weirder stuff.
The streak of photos do not stop with those two puzzling images, here is more.
The comment reads: Bono and Queen Rania of Jordan Spotted Out And About In New York
Are all of the above just coincidences? Maybe, perhaps Bono is a family friend, nonetheless, Haolam was not able to find a single photo of Rania with Bono’s wife or Abdullah with Bono by any chance, and our readers are welcome to search that and see for themselves.

For example, this photo where we can only guess but we could not identify where exactly was Bono’s hand?
Even more, we see Rania has attended lunch with the wife of the former French presidnet, Sarkozy, with Bono, as reported here by the Daily Mail, the question is, why not with her husband, the king?!
While some of the Queen’s fans might rule out everything we report here as just speculation, they sure cannot argue with facts, on the 19th of September 2012, Rania showed she has a more „wild“ side, in fact too wild for a Muslim Arab Queen.
Elysium hotel, the luxury hotel in Mykonos, Greece, announced on its Facebook page that Rania was the guest of honor for a naked men dancing party.
Jordan’s leading opposition party, the New Jordan Party, quickly caught the post and started publishing it every where, causing a huge scandal for the Queen. After four days, the hotel removed the post from its page on Facebook.
We contacted the New Jordan Party for comments about the matter, the Party’s shadow Minister of Defense, Raed Khammash, spoke to us, he said: „Everyone in Jordan knows that the Queen and her husband are addicted to partying and mingling with the showy hollywood type people“,“they would rather have an actor as a friend than a global banker“,“we wish we could report everything we know about them, and it will all come in due time, but I can assure you, Rania’s scandal is just the tip of the iceberg, she is Jordan’s Marie Antoinette with a red light agenda“.

As it seems, Rania’s unexplained closeness to Bono was such of an issue to the point where the renowned Guardian journalist. Ian Black, made a gesture about it in one of his articles.
In which he said:“Rania’s hobnobbing with celebrities such as Bono have appeared in foreign but not the Jordanian media.“
Rania knows loads of celebrities, why Bono seems the only one of them
that Black mentions?
Queen Rania still in shadows as Jordan plays waiting game

We spoke to that ’source‘ after weeks of convincing, he wanted to make sure we do not expose him, and used complicated methods to talk to us, using phones that are not his, and eventually speaking to our writer through Viber. He told us stories that fit only in a Hollywood movie. „Rania is a playgirl and Abdullah is a playboy“,“They love to party all the time, they do not like living in Jordan, they spend most of their time outside of the country“, „Abdullah considers himself a Hashemite Englishman, he considers himself a westerner, not a Jordanian, and not even an Arab, as for Rania she is very different, she does not like Jordan and even dares to tell her staff that, always saying that Jordan is bad and that she knows better because she grew up in Kuwait and lived most of her life there“, „she looks down on Eastern Jordanians, and even her fellow Palestinians she looks down on them because they are from Jordan, not like her from Kuwait“,“I am not sure why she thinks Kuwait was a big deal: her father was a pharmacist, until Abdullah married her and turned her into one of the richest woman on earth from our own money.“

He added:“Their marriage is not only open, they are not really married anymore except on papers, they do not share the same room, and all the photos you see of them are just for the press, they used to travel together on business, since she had her last boy, they started drifting apart“. We asked him what he thought of Raed Khammash comment that she is a „Marie Antoinette“.
He said:“She is indeed“, „I have seen how she spends money, she has a double personality: with the guards, with Jordanians with the servants – she is very rude and ruthless. With Westerners and foreigners, she is unreal, she is like a sweetheart, very humble, we were once in NYC and I saw her opening the door and serving a glass of alcohol to an American woman who was just accompanying someone important“, „I could not believe my eyes when I saw that“,“She spends money left and right like crazy, she bought clothes and jewelry she hardly ever used for millions“, she spends a million dollars the same way I would buy a soda, she does not even think before she spends money“, „at the same time, both her and Abdullah are very cheap with Jordanians, they do not like to give us money, I was there since King Hussein’s days and he was very generous with us, these guys are really cheap“,
„Rania does not consider herself Palestinian, or Jordanians, and she holds several Western passports I cannot tell you about“

The source made an even more interesting allegation:“Drugs are common in the palace, I cannot trust you enough to tell cannot trust you enough to tell you who uses those and where do they get them from, I cannot risk my life, but trust me, fine cocaine is something you can easily find in the palace, perhaps easier than ordering a meal from the king’s kitchen“.


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